Sunday, July 14, 2013

Newsflash: Turtle Eggs Found to be on Sale in Serikin Market

News of turtle eggs on sale in Serikin market in Kuching, Sarawak.

Some information taken from Wikipedia:

"Serikin is a small Dayak Bidayuh village in Kuching DivisionSarawakMalaysia. The town is located about 15 km from Bau town and 80 km from Kuching city. Kampung Jagoi Serikin is famous for her week-end market to local tourists from Malaya and Sarawak. In the week-end market, you can find numerous items ranging from batik, handicrafts, fish, birds, turtle eggs, herbal products and jamu, electrical items, electronic items, male and female workers, jungle produce and exotic meat."

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Special Edition: Flying the Wau

We were back again to Kampong Mangkok after spending a few days of R&R at Pulau Redang. upon arrival at Pink House, we realized that Abang Lan had finished up with the whole railing for the front porch!

Both railings are online!
Today, we got to try out the wau that we made a few days back. But before that, we need to attach the lines to the wau.

Abang Lan helping to attach the lines.
Watching the Master at work.
After attaching the lines, it was time to try out our creations!

Ready.. Set..

And finally, after much trying..

Waqiu's wau made it to the sky!!

Sijie's wau soared to the clouds as well!!

Posing with Iman the Mischievous. 
We will be departing from Kampong Mangkok and head back to Singapore in a few hours' time. Much has happened within this short span of 2 weeks, and our attachment with the village has grown to a point where we feel like a part of the local community. Despite the urge to stay on longer, we have to go back to our duties and responsibilities in Singapore.

Team Photo with the school mural.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners, the Singapore Scouts Association for its support, World Wide Fund for Nature Malaysia for providing the assistance needed to carry out our project, and to the Perwanis for playing host to us and helping us out in many of our requests. 

We would also like to extend our gratitude to our sponsors, Lee Foundation, Tan Chin Tuan Foundation and Henderson Security for their kind support to fund the project. And to Benje Marketing Pte Ltd, for sponsoring their insect repellent products to keep us safe from mozzies and other creepy-crawlies, and for the mosquito patches for the children in the village.

Do stay tuned for more, as there will be updates as well as a post-project event coming up!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 11: The (Final) Day of Project Orion IV

Today would be the last day of our project phase for Orion IV. We are happy to note that we have been able to complete the work we had set out to do from the beginning. We also managed to complete some other achievements as well.

Achievement Unlocked: Goat Catching

Achievement Unlocked: Holding Chicks
For the last day, Pink House is finally furbished with a new railing, complete with a fresh coat of paint.

New railings, with fresh paint!

Caution: Wet Paint.
The mural at SK Mangkok was also completed in time.

Orion IV Mural!

And we joined the rest of the murals to be a part of SK Mangkok.
Last but not least, we managed to finish up with the signboards for the 3 stalls as well!

Another "Master" at work.

The Masterpiece of Sijie.

Signboards are done!
Finally the night came and we had a farewell dinner with the villagers of Kampong Mangkok. We presented the mementos to key people who made this project a success.
The Head Chef whose kid looks like Crayon Shin.

Girls night out.
Kak Ta presenting a memento to us.
Lynn and Yat from Pernarik Inn.

Nurol from WWF getting her badge.

Allim from WWF with his new t-shirt.

Cikgu Sahara from SK Mangkok receiving his mementos.

Cikgu Sahara with his new scarf.

Nurol, all decked out and ready to go again.
With this, Project Orion IV marks an end for the time being. But fret not, the journey does not end here. Do stay tuned for an installment of Orion V soon! Until then, Adios, and may your Scouting Light burn bright as always!